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There are several places in Limerick where you can eat out, all with different price ranges depending on your choice of venue.

Limerick has an excellent selection of restaurants to suit every budget.

Casual dining in pubs is very popular in Ireland. Bobby Byrne’s, The Curragower and The Locke Bar are all hugely popular with locals.

For a great dinner out there are countless cuisines available around the city; from Italian in La Cucina and Tuscany, Asian in Kyoto and Aroi to a mix of everything in House, Coqbull and Texas Steakout.

To grab lunch nearby the college Ivan’s and Javino’s are always popular.

If you are looking for somewhere to grab breakfast or brunch on a weekend The Buttery and Hook & Ladder are known to have some of the best offerings in town.

Limerick also has takeaway chains, like KFC, McDonalds, Supermac’s and Burger King. Most will be open until late in the evening.

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