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Branding process to amplify Limerick’s uniqueness and attractiveness internationally moves to advanced stage.

Limerick has connected international marketing expertise with some of the brightest designers of the future as it takes another step in the development of the brand, which will position it on the international stage.

Global branding giants M&C Saatchi, who have been engaged to develop Limerick’s new international positioning and brand identity, met with fourth year students in Graphic Design at the world-renowned Limerick School of Art and Design (LSAD) for a workshop which they ran as part of their brand design process and consultation. LSAD is a school of Limerick Institute of Technology.

Speaking after the day-long engagement, Mary Harris, Managing Partner, M&C Saatchi:

“It’s been vital for us to gain a deep understanding of Limerick and to meet the people and organisations which are building the future of the City and County. LSAD has a wealth of fresh creative talent and we were keen to engage with the students on a creative level. We were delighted by their input and the new perspectives that they shared. It was great to collaborate with these talented young designers from such a renowned college.’

Commenting on the project so far, she added:

“Limerick is a very special place with an amazing story to tell, we’ve really fallen in love with it. It’s a resilient place with real grit and energy which has allowed them not simply to overcome challenges but to thrive on them – as exemplified by the incredible story of the Dell factory rebirth as Troy studios. There is a lot of untapped potential in Limerick – something already identified by global brands who are making the decision to invest there. We are excited about the impact on the city, the county and the region in general when their compelling story is shared with a wider international audience.’

Said Eamon Spellman, Head of Graphics LSAD:

“This was a wonderful opportunity for our students. They spent the day with some of the top brand specialists in the world, inputting into a key stage in the development of a brand that will represent all of us here and one which marks a key moment in Limerick’s remarkable resurgence. Our students were delighted with the opportunity to take part in this workshop and work with M&C Saatchi, who shared some really positive feedback. It really was a very inclusive creative collaboration with the students highly engaged and sharing their fresh perspectives. It was great to see the creative conversations happening as the group bounced ideas off one another and I think everyone got a lot from the process.”

Laura Ryan, Head of Marketing and Communications at Limerick City and County Council added:

“We need a strong umbrella brand for Limerick that is world class and one that reflects the scale of our ambition. Limerick has really become the urban success story of the last five years and now has a great new story to tell. The fact that M&C Saatchi, one of the world’s leading agencies wanted to work with Limerick says a lot about where Limerick has arrived at. Over the last number of months they’ve met and engaged with a lot of stakeholders in Limerick, got to know the city and county and today is another exciting stage in that process.”

Brand Limerick will be unveiled in mid-2019.

M&C Saatchi at LSAD Limerick. Picture: Alan Place
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