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LIT - Student Life
LIT Students' Union (SU) is the representative body for students in all five campuses. We are independent of LIT and consist of six elected officials who work closely with elected Class Representatives, acting as a channel of communication to bring students’ issues to LIT management.

What We Do


We represent students’ views at an institute-wide level on various committees and bodies throughout the college and communicate them to management in LIT. We also strive to make sure students experience student life as fully as possible and look out for their well-being. This includes delivering campaigns throughout the year to help students manage personal issues including:

  • Mental Health
  • Sexual Health
  • Alcohol & Drugs
  • Accommodation
  • Finance
  • Safety

We also organise a wide range of entertainment events throughout the year, including

  • Regular Club Nights
  • Freshers’ Week
  • The Halloween Ball
  • Student Week
  • Graduation Balls

The SU also has a coffee shop where you can sit back, relax or catch up with assignment work.

Class Reps

Each class elects a Class Representative (Class Rep), who liaises between the students and the SU. The Class Reps operate on a voluntary basis and are important in terms of

  • Providing a link between each class and the SU
  • Acting as ambassadors for the class
  • Engaging in organising social and training events
  • Informing the SU of students’ concerns and problems

Contact Us

Tel: +353 (0) 61 29313

Email: su.reception@student.lit.ie

Facebook:  LIT Students’ Union

Open: Monday – Friday 9.30am–5pm