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LIT - Entry Requirements

Visa Applicants

Non-EU Student Applicants must apply for a visa to the Embassy of Ireland or the Consulate in their home country. It is the responsibility of the applicant to organise a study visa prior to arrival in Ireland. If the applicant is offered a place at the Institute, they must submit all required documentation in order to apply for a study visa. It is important to remember that this process can take several months and you should allow for this when you are planning your admission date.


Visa Documentation

You will need to supply the following documentation when applying for a visa to your local Irish Embassy:

  • Valid passport for 12 months & copy of previous Passport if applicable.
  • Date, place and mode of arrival in Ireland
  • Letter from LIT indicating that you have been offered a place.
  • Letter from LIT indicating that the fees have been paid in full
  • Evidence that you have immediate access to at least €7000  to cover living and other expenses for the proposed stay
  • Recent passport photographs
  • Evidence that you have private medical insurance cover.
  • Visa application fee (non-refundable)