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LIT - Entry Requirements
LIT International Student Fees

International Fees Annually


Undergraduate Bachelor’s degree (Honours) (Level 8) €10,250 per year

Postgraduate Higher Diploma (Level 8) €10,750 per year

Taught Masters (Level 9) €11,250 per year

Research Masters (Level 9) €12,250 per year

Research PhD (Level 10) €12,750 per year

*All fees are payable in advance of joining programme.

Fees include:

  • Transfer from Shannon airport or Limerick Bus Station.
  • Access to Student Services.
  • International Orientation for all Programmes which begins the first week of September.


LIT Academic Scholarships

A number of academic scholarships are available for students who have displayed a track record of Academic Excellence.

Minimum requirements to apply for an Academic Scholarship:

  • An IELTS score of 6.0 or equivalent to all applicants
  • Country specific grade requirements (e.g. B Credit grade average)

Scholarship Awards will be decided by LIT using verified documentary evidence submitted with online applications.