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About LIT
You are about to start college in a new country. You are excited and not really sure what to expect. However, that’s part of the experience.

Life at college is active, social and independent. But most importantly, it’s about balance: you have to balance between work and play, friends and studies, family life and independence.

At LIT, the LIT ENGAGE Programme can support your transition to studying at college in Ireland. This programme is geared towards getting new students settled in and acquainted with other students and the campus. Together with your on-campus Student Leaders, LIT ENGAGE provides you with the opportunity to

  • actively engage in college life
  • get to grips with your course
  • join a club or society
  • develop your personal toolkit to live a healthy balanced and enjoyable lifestyle

On each campus, student leaders will be available to assist you by providing

  • a welcoming and friendly face at the LIT Welcome Hub / Student Desk
  • information about student services and campus life
  • relevant updates on the ENGAGE programme
  • assistance with IT skills by delivering support workshops
  • real-time updates and support on student timetables
  • information and assistance with financial matters (i.e. referral to websites, online resources and Fees and Grants)

Download the Insider’s Guide for more information.